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Understanding of western culture, must know the Coffee

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Coffee as a kind of Western drinks, and now has been all over the streets and lanes. But to really walk into a Coffee hall, facing the menu of all kinds of Coffee many people see things in a blur, is dumbfounded. The content to reading may is a good start, know some coffee making simple principle, understand the cappuccino with Italian style espresso, difference between American coffee. Next time you can in this context a mouth say you want coffee.

Teach you coffee.
The most popular coffee is nothing more than the following: an espresso / Espresso, cappuccino, American, lattes and mochas.
"Espresso" is known as "Coffee soul" reputation, is the love of many senior Coffee lovers. It is extracted from the coffee powder which is made of fine coffee by high temperature and hot water under high pressure.. How to calculate a cup of good Italian style? Look at the surface is floating in a thick layer of brownish red foam -- "crema". Because the taste is extremely rich, just began to drink Coffee people will think it is very bitter, but absolute fragrance.
American coffee is the meaning of the hot water dilute the espresso. In Europe, can’t enjoy the mellow Coffee old beauty, so will this against the light of Coffee huanzuo Cafe Americano. For people who drink coffee, it may feel espresso, so American coffee is worth recommending. Many American coffee shops have joined the cream and sugar to cater to the general consumer tastes.
Cappuccino and latte is a favorite of the girls of the two coffee, two ingredients entirely consistent: Espresso, hot steamed milk and foam. The coffee itself is even lighter.. Cappuccino foam latte more lucrative, tasting a cup of cappuccino, overflowing aroma and foam stained lips, enjoy a moment of innocence and romantic.
In the west, people like to have a cup of Mocha coffee after dinner, it is a special espresso, a chocolate syrup plus 2-3 copies of milk foam, but also in the top of the fresh cream. Mocha is the best choice for a friend who has no coffee, but a favorite chocolate friend..
Coffee [story]
Coffee master
A coffee maker is a service person who is good at making coffee and all kinds of coffee drinks..
[an ounce of espresso]
To pay a thick coffee 10 to 15 cents..
Alcohol degree
After drinking, the tongue on the coffee left on the palate.
The alcohol degree of coffee can be light, thin, medium, high, and even fat (as thick as butter or syrup)..
No milk bubble
If you didn’t like the foam latte with nose, can inform the service personnel.
I’d like a little more milk foam..
Dry[milk more milk less
If you like sweet and full of dense foam Cappuccino, you can say:
I want a cup of cappuccino milk foam.
Fresh cream
If you want to reduce the heat of your coffee, you can say:
I don’t want fresh milk..
[Espresso Macchiato]
The concentrate is gently made with a milk bubble..
Caramel macchiato []
Starbucks original, steamed milk + concentrated Coffee + Vanilla Syrup, finally covered caramel.
[blue] concentrated Kang
The condensed coffee is covered with fresh cream..
Half the coffee, half the milk. ".
[European bud coffee]
The French love breakfast Coffee, with similar but more of misto, milk.
[cat coffee]
Call Cat Shit coffee, one of the most expensive coffee.
[a cup of coffee]
First, choose the coffee you want and the cup number.. In Starbucks, 8 oz (240 ml) cups, 12 ounce cup (360 ml) and large 16 ounce (480 ml). (Note: 1 oz =30 ml)
(coffee free)
If you need Decaffeinated Coffee words can explain to the Coffee division. Like you can also add a little flavor syrup, to Coffee chocolate, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut taste the most popular.
Oral School:
I’d like a small shop in Mocha Coffee with low fat.
I want a cup of cup of Decaf Coffee Latte hazelnut.
Please give me a cup of decaf Bing with Mocha Coffee, without whipped cream.

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