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  • Heart to heart "was identified as" Zhejiang export brand"
  • Recently, the big foreign trade of Zhejiang Province identified announced the first 200 "Zhejiang famous export brand", company of "heart to heart" brand ranked them become Cixi 21 listed companies. This is Zhejiang encourage export enterprise brand building, so as to promote Zhejiang foreign trade growth mode change important measures.

    It is reported that "Zhejiang famous export brand" is Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Economic and trade department according to the just, fair and open "principle, to seek the evaluation opinions from Zhejiang related provincial departments identified, publicity, and published, which recognized the standard 4 is the most important: the annual export volume of more than 900 million dollars; to foreign registered trademark; registered enterprises in Zhejiang Province; first registered trademark to in China. The announcement of the 200 export brand covers Electromechanical, weaving, light industry, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, agricultural products and other industry categories, with brand-name enterprises is the industry’s leading enterprises, these enterprises can be in overseas exhibitors and overseas trademark registration, foreign propaganda, overseas marketing, brand protection and other aspects to get the support of relevant departments.

    Since the company from 2002 began to handle import and export business, products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and other regions, in the export scale, quality and grade are in domestic counterparts in a leading position, and very expand export potential.
    At the same time, heart to heart always adhere to the "a tree brand image strategy, put the expansion of the international market in the first place, and as a priority task, actively adopt various forms to open up broader markets, strengthen the brand management and promotion of corporate image, establish a brand image, enhance the brand visibility and reputation. "Heart to heart" trademark use since the self registration, has repeatedly received the honorary title in china. In 2006, the heart to heart brand by Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China is the most competitive brands on the market; in 2007, heart to heart brand is China’s mechanical and electrical products import and Export Chamber of Commerce named recommend export brand; in 2007, "heart to heart" trademark was identified as "a well-known trademark in China."

    In another development, the "Zhejiang famous export brand" of the enterprise, internationalization and localization project will be implemented in the overseas trademark registration, overseas advertising projects, overseas exhibition projects, brand, foreign institutions and other aspects of the project for Zhejiang Province to promote foreign trade development funds to support. Therefore, "Zhejiang famous export brand" the title of the obtained not only can make Zhejiang xinlianxin Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. to accelerate the development and the creation of high quality, high grade of brand-name export commodities, improve the quality and efficiency of the mechanism, and enhance independent innovation capability and international competitiveness of enterprises, also will be more and more to promote the further development of our company.

  • 2015-06-04

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