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  • All automatic coffee machine by favor
  • Because of the complexity of semi-automatic coffee machine operation, the requirements of the professional skills of the user is high. Therefore, it is the application of electronic technology to the coffee machine, developed a set of milling, pressed powder, powder loading, brewing, brewing process of residue in one of the fully automatic coffee machine clearance. Today, China’s technology hardware city market coffee machine is also dominated by automatic, its good performance, affordable prices by the majority of coffee lovers love.

    A hardware gift shop owner said, high-quality automatic coffee machine in accordance with the scientific data and procedures to brew coffee, and has a perfect protection system, anyone as long as according to the correct way to use, they can produce strong mellow high-quality coffee. Due to the simple operation, store several coffee machine is good, whether it is for personal use or gifts can be regarded as a good choice.


  • 2015-06-04

  • Coffee machine products to be cultivated in different markets
  • Starbucks (Starbucks), Costa, the SPR, sculpting in time, UCC, for a lot of life in terms of consumers in a second tier cities in China, these nouns is not strange. Encounter a coffee shop not have the sentiment, in the North Canton, Chengdu, Qingdao, Dalian and other places of the street is also difficult. With the pace of life and the change of eating habits, coffee is gradually into the daily life of the Chinese people, coffee machine gradually to more Chinese consumers know.

    Facing the market now has yet to be excavated, from 2014 onwards, change traditional Chinese ideas of coffee, remodeling earlier Nestle "two big bottles of" (coffee + partner) and instant coffee to create experience, encouraging consumers to start enjoying life at home taste the flavor of coffee, perhaps we should is the top priority of the coffee machine enterprise.

    China has a reputation as the kingdom of small household appliances, is the world’s largest home appliance manufacturing base, but also the global coffee machine manufacturing center, China’s coffee machine exports all over the world. Customs data show that in 2013, coffee and electric teapot export volume of 136000000 units, an increase of 8.91%; exports of nearly $2485000000, an increase of 24.32%. As the industry has no statistical data on the coffee machine industry, according to the customs export data can glimpse Chinese coffee machine capacity.

    The coffee machine enterprise in China can be divided into two categories: one is mainly to OEM production and export business, only a part of products into the domestic market enterprises; brand enterprises, and products are mainly for the imported or domestic customization. China industry report, the report shows that in 2012 China coffee machine production of about 80% of the global output, in these enterprises about 67% are OEM production enterprises.

    Although in recent years many enterprises to enter the coffee machine industry, but coffee machine and not these companies leading products, some brands are OEM production. "I Division is a production of independent coffee machine brand based enterprises, but we are also in recent years to expand the domestic coffee machine business."

    "Coffee machine is the North American electrical appliance group after third of the bread machine and oven, many brands of classic models are from North American electrical foundry." North American electrical appliance relevant person in charge admitted that.

    As the birthplace of tea culture, China has carried out tea culture for thousands of years, and has gradually formed a tradition and a heritage.. Limited to Chinese traditional culture, the consumption level and consumption of the concept, the coffee machine rarely appeared in public view, the coffee machine market has been relatively small minority.

    The coffee machine actually entered China 10 years of time, from the beginning of the foreign brands dominate Jiangshan now domestic and foreign brands crowded, the coffee machine market in China experienced great development. "In 2013, the domestic coffee machine market by small household electrical appliances development of Dongfeng outbreak, sales grew more than 30%, but still less than the Japanese market sales a fraction."

    In recent years, the coffee culture in China gradually rise, each big city in the downtown lot and business office near the coffee shop to get together in the region. But because of the low base of Chinese coffee machine, sales have not realized explosive growth.. "China’s coffee machine market is mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin region, Shenzhen Hongkong area, followed by Wuhan, Dalian, Qingdao and other port cities." Du Wei told. Coffee machine sales regional concentration, from the other side also shows the Chinese coffee machine market is not yet ripe.


    Retail market monitoring data show that February 2014, a retail volume share of about $35.55%, retail sales share is about 29.33%; B retail volume share of about 11.24%, retail sales share about 37.48%; C retail volume share of about $8.99%, retail sales share about 6.33%; D retail volume of approximately is 10.28%, retail sales share is about 4.24%; e home retail volume share of about 3.86%, retail sales share about 1.91%; F retail volume share of about 2.98%, retail sales share about 1.63%. Foreign brands sales share in the forefront, occupy the dominant position of the Chinese coffee machine market.

    Although at present China coffee machine size of the market is relatively small, but respondents enterprises think, China has a huge population, coupled with the country of the coffee culture of acceptance is more and more high, the coffee machine market potential is huge. "The popularity of domestic coffee consumption is not high, compared with the daily average of three cups of coffee, the Chinese city population only an average of three cups a year." China’s coffee consumption ability can enhance the space, and then to the coffee market is equally profitable, there can dig.
    With the kitchen electric overall Dongfeng Yue, a lot of companies not only launched a table coffee machine, but also the introduction of embedded coffee machine into the Chinese market. Coffee machine from entering China began to take the unusual way, the first in China sales of embedded coffee machine, in 2013 began selling independent coffee machine.

    It is worth noting that coffee started Nestle, but also in 2013 introduced the first DolceGusto capsule coffee machine in China. Nestle Greater China coffee business department, vice president of Ge text in DolceGusto capsule coffee machine new conference said: "coffee market in China is developing rapidly and has become the Nestle coffee world is one of the important strategic market. In the future, we will become to Chinese consumers to bring more new experiences." Nestle to join, no doubt, the Chinese coffee machine market competition form is more abundant. One anonymous enterprises responsible person said: "Nestle in China has a foundation very good consumer groups, launched the capsule coffee machine more relying on the before in the coffee field advantage, may be able to open China’s coffee market from another angle."

    At present, siphon type coffee pot, mocha coffee pot, drip filter coffee pots, pressure type coffee machine, capsule coffee machine, semi-automatic coffee machine, fully automatic coffee machine are more common in the Chinese market coffee making equipment. Among them, the siphon type and Mocha coffee pot with alcohol lamp or gas to heat, and the rest are the use of electricity products, is the emphasis of this paper coffee machine.

    All kinds of coffee machine automation and market positioning vary. Drip filter coffee pot operation is simple and convenient, users only need to will be added to the water tank, the filter paper into the funnel type filter, and then the coffee powder into the filter, turn on the power switch, a pot of homemade coffee can be cooked. Drop filter type coffee pot market prices generally within a few hundred dollars, the brand is more, PHILPS, Electrolux and other brands have product layout.

    Pressure type coffee machine can be divided into two kinds of steam and the pump pressure, due to the reason of the pressure, water and coffee powder to better blend of coffee is more strong. Learned through an electricity supplier channels, pressure type coffee machine is more common on the market products, prices concentrated in the 300~5000, Delong, the North American electrical appliances, such as Electrolux has a variety of products in the sale.

    Semi - automatic coffee machine is actually Italy traditional coffee machine. This coffee machine rely on manual milling, pressed powder, powder loading, brewing, manual removal residue, according to the correct method of operation can produce high-quality Italian coffee, often used in professional cafe. Therefore, market semi-automatic coffee machine styles, the number is not much, only now Shakey sporadic several in the sale.

    Fully automatic coffee machine just a key you can enjoy coffee, complex technique. Fully automatic coffee machine is the "aristocrat" on the market, basic is foreign brands, mostly imported products, such as Jura, Delong, Melaleuca, Siemens, like passengers in the, prices are generally higher, in 5000 yuan of above, Jura some types of price even as high as 6 million yuan.

    Capsule coffee machine only appeared in recent years, due to make coffee taste between instant and freshly ground coffee, the price is also between the two, the market reaction is very good.



  • 2015-06-04

  • Often drink Coffee anti cancer, Coffee machine is a real hero behind t...
  • Researchers report in the latest issue of American Journal of clinical nutrition, said them in 10 countries, France, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK, carried out over a period of eight and a half years of investigation, the investigation object to more than 41 million adults aged 25 to 70. The study included the eating habits of the respondents, particularly whether the regular tea or coffee was usually tea or coffee..

    During the investigation, 343 people were diagnosed with glioma, 245 meningioma. The former is a tumor disease of the central nervous system, originating from the lesion of the gum.. The latter originates from the change of the derivatives of the gap between the dura and the dura..

    And often drink tea or coffee than people, often drink tea or coffee had a lower risk of brain cancer, especially to the risk of glioma, the study found. Specifically, if you drink 100 ml of coffee or tea every day, the risk of glioma will be reduced by 34%. This effect is particularly pronounced for males.

    Although studies have shown that often drink tea or coffee is useful in prevention of cancer, but cannot be determined at present between the two has a clear cause and effect relationship, still need more in-depth research to find the two drinks have mechanisms to help prevent cancer.

  • 2015-06-04

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