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1995: company formally from spare parts manufacturers transformation is the drinking machine, heaters, dehydration machine series of small household electrical appliances machine manufacturing enterprises. And quickly became a local small household electrical appliances production backbone enterprises;
1996: Cixi Municipal People’s Government awarded the rapid growth of Cixi city enterprises, Cixi City, a small household electrical appliance industry backbone enterprises;
1997: Cixi Municipal People’s Government awarded the honorary title of advanced enterprises in Cixi city;
1998: become the first member of the association of drinking machine industry in Zhejiang province;
1999: won the new millennium quality measurement letter Zhejiang Province, the Ningbo municipal heavy contract and keeping promises units;
2000: won the European CE certification, the product began to mass export European city;
2001: the formal implementation of heart brand strategy development planning;
2002: small household appliances industry has become one of the earliest enterprises and import and export rights, and won the foreign trade import and export of Zhejiang province standard business credit;
2003: passed ISO900O quality management system certification, heart drinking machine city won the sixth consumer credit product;
2004: the company has won the Cixi hundred enterprises, Cixi City scientific and technological progress in enterprises, modern management 30 strong enterprises honorary title, the heart of drinking water machine won the title of famous brand products in Zhejiang Province, the company formally adopted international standards;
2005: the company has won the Ningbo City enterprise credit, capital credit grade AAA enterprise honor title, heart to heart heater were awarded the Ningbo City brand-name products, national inspection free products that honor and heart to heart, heater, electric fan, water dispenser respectively annual Ronglie 2O05 national market sales of similar products in the second and the third, four;
2006: the company was named as the Zhejiang provincial industrial and commercial enterprise credit AA level Shou contract re credit units, and become the first batch of Ningbo municipal labor relations and harmonious enterprise. Heart to heart electric fan won the national inspection free products that honor, drinking water machine was awarded for Zhejiang Province Consumer Association recommended products, heart to heart trademark were awarded the Ningbo City famous trademark, Zhejiang Province famous trademark;
2007: heart to heart brand was awarded the national Ministry of Commerce, as China’s most competitive brands on the market. China mechanical and electrical products import and Export Chamber of Commerce awarded to recommend export brand: heart to heart trademark judicial identified as well-known trademarks in China: heart to heart drinking water machines, heaters also won the Zhejiang Province famous brand product title of honor, the company successfully passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
2008: the company successfully passed 18001 occupation health and safety management system certification. And won the Cixi City, the first enterprise harmonious and occupational health demonstration enterprises Honor: heart to heart brand was awarded the Ningbo export brand and Zhejiang famous export brand: the company continues to adhere to the independent innovation of science and technology, enhance the technology content of products, has a positive declaration of national torch plan, national key new products, high-tech enterprises a number of scientific and technological project, and in the same year won two national invention patents, 19 national utility model patents, effectively enhance the core of company and product market competitiveness. Also XLX company independent brand won the national Madrid trademark registration, and Realization of the 45 categories of all registered in the country, to further enhance the heart brand in the domestic and international market visibility, credibility and reputation;
2009: the company become Ningbo City, the first batch of harmonious enterprises to create advanced units, and successfully won the bid for the 19 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) home appliances to the countryside to promote their products production enterprises: 2O09 year is year of the company has independent intellectual property rights innovation. The company has applied for 1o a national invention, utility model patents, and has entered the State Intellectual Property Office of the normal approval stage. Ningbo company won the honorary title of the patent demonstration enterprise;
2010: company R & D center was the title of Cixi municipal enterprise technology center. The company once again crowned Cixi hundred companies ranks. Heart warmer again crowned the brand-name products in Zhejiang Province Award: heart to heart has once again become the trademark famous trademark in Zhejiang province;
2011: the company successfully won the Ningbo Municipal entrepreneurship and innovation in special demonstration enterprises, and continuously defending Cixi City Top 100 enterprises Honor: heart to heart brand crowned Zhejiang Province export brand ranks;
2012: the company for the first time won the Ningbo City Star Enterprise: and corporate R & D institutions successfully upgraded, was awarded the Ningbo Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, the enterprise of scientific research and innovation has been substantial improvement: company in scientific research also achieved breakthrough innovation, achieved 5 invention patents and technological achievements. Company’s fresh wine machine products for the first time won the Cixi science and technology progress three and other awards;
2013: the company won the first foreign trade innovation enterprise in Ningbo, Ningbo has become a foreign trade enterprise R & D innovation advantages of the typical representative.


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