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Coffee origin and ingredients

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Africa is the home of coffee. The coffee tree is likely to be found in Ethiopia’s card province (KAFFA).. Later, a group of slaves from Africa was sold to Yemen and Arabia Peninsula, coffee is brought to the country along the way. To be sure, Yemen in fifteenth Century or earlier already began to grow coffee. Arabia although the world’s busiest port city of Mocha, but it is prohibited any seed exports! The barriers finally broken through by the Dutch, in 1616, they finally will be the survival of the coffee tree and the seed smuggled into the Netherlands, began to cultivate in the greenhouse.

Main ingredients:

Fiber bean fiber baking after carbonization, and combined with each other to form Coffee caramel color.
The main source of protein calories, the proportion is not high. The coffee, the protein in the coffee, most will not dissolve, so the limited intake.
Sugar, sugar, coffee bean contains about 8%, after baking after most of the sugar to branch into caramel, coffee to the formation of brown, and tannic acid are combined with each other to produce sweet.
Mineral contains a little lime, iron, phosphorus, sodium carbonate, etc..
Caffeine has a particularly strong bitterness, stimulating the central nervous system, heart and respiratory system. Caffeine can also reduce muscle fatigue, and promote the secretion of digestive juice. Since it can promote kidney function, have diuretic effect, help in vivo excess sodium ion excreted. But too much caffeine can lead to caffeine poisoning.
Tannic acid tannic acid after boiling the decomposition of coking Wuzhou acid, so pour too long Coffee taste will be worse.
Fats: the most important one is acidic and volatile fats..
Fatty acids contain acids, and the strength of it varies from coffee to type.
Volatile fat is the main source of coffee aroma, it is a kind of about forty kinds of aromatic substances.


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